November 30, 2014 11:14 pm
nenad georgiev

29.11.2014. great match, ASV NENDINGEN was hoast for SVG Weingarten, in the last home match of first part of the season. The hall was filled to the last spot, the atmosphere was great and good quality wrestling was guaranted.

Things didn’t go as planed for ASV Nendingen, in the lightest category 57 kg, their wrestler Ciobanu didn’t pass the medical exam and couldn’t wrestle. This was very important because SVG Weingarten got four points at the very begining and ASV Nendingen had a big job trying to catch them.

Before the pause result was 4:6 for SVG Weingarten.

Third fight after the pause, eight fight of the night, was most important for us, after the result 14:0 for Nenad, his opponent Ilian Georgiev got his third pasivity warning and got disqualified. This meant Nenad won and brought 4 points to Asv Nendingen.

The final result was 11:10 for ASV Nendingen! They secured the first place in 1. Bundesliga (south) and are going to the next stage of the competition as a leading team.

You can see a little bit of the atmosphere on the match on Zugaj Brothers facebook page, on the following link:


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