December 15, 2014 7:58 pm
neven najbolji hrvač 2014

End of year marks the end of the wretling season and on this occasion on the traditional way maintains Christmas tournament, where are awarded prizes to the best wrestlers in the year which is about to end.

There were named the best cadet, junior, senior, coach and club…
The most important prize of the tournament for us was definitely the prize for the best senior, who is this year fully deserved by NEVEN ŽUGAJ!

Just to recall that Neven done the most important and the greatest success in wrestilng since its independence, by winning the SILVER MEDAL at the World Championship in Taskent this year and becoming new WORLD VICECHAMPION!
With this extraordinary achievement he enrolled again in a history book of the best Croatian wrestlers and athletes in general!

This honorable award proudly is owned by Žugaj brothers for many years since 2004. almost to the present day (the only exception was the year 2007.)
The award was given by the mayor Milan Bandić and the same was in Neven’s name taken by Nenad, because of his liabilities in the Bundesliga.

With this nice recognition Neven has marked his new victory this weekend in the last season’s game in the Bundesliga.
KSV Ispringen this time for the first time in the season was weaker and lost by a score of 16:20 from KSV Witten.

With the victory of 6:0 over Nico Brunner Neven held his winning streak to KSV Ispringen in all matches and remined undefeated the entire Bundesliga season!


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