Neven and Nenad Žugaj were born 19.4.1983. in Zagreb, where they live to this day. They had started wrestling at the age of ten. They attended Sports gymnasium, after gradudation, they have been studying at the Faculty of Kinesiology and in 2007. become professors of kinesiology. The same year they enrolled Fundamental officer school, becoming lieutenants of Croatian Armed Forces.

2014. they left Croatian Armed Forces and founded their own wrestling club – ZUGAJ BROTHERS and became Croatian dealers for German company Foeldeak (sport equipment).

In the seniors Neven wrestles in the category to 74 kg, and Nenad up to 84 kg. Their first club was wrestling club “Hrvatski dragovoljac“ , and now they are members of wrestling club, “Lika”.

Neven is the winner of the first Croatian medal after independence. Winning a bronze medal at the European Championships 2005. He is also the only Croatian wrestler with a title of World military champion. His greatest results are bronze medal from World Championship 2011. and current silver medal and the Vice Champion of the World title 2014. from Uzbekistan!

Nenad’s greatest victories are over the current Olympic champion, world champion and world vice champion and the European champion. His best acchievement, so far, is the bronze medal at World Championship, Moscow 2010., and Mediterranean games gold medal from Pescara 2009.

Thanks to wrestling they have traveled all round the world, from the World Championships in China and Uzbekistan, is preparations in the United States, Belarus, European championships in Denmark, Finland, Russia, Bulgaria, Sweden, the Mediterranean Games in Spain and Italy, the World Military Championships in India, tournament in Azerbaijan, Romania, Hungary, Turkey, Serbia, Slovenia …


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