What is Suples® HIRTS?

The High Intensity Rope Training System was invented by Ivan Ivanov in 1999 and has constantly been enhanced. From the first model of the HIRTS to the current model, Ivan has continually modifyed the HIRTS with more elements for only one purpose: To create the most effective and productive training tool possible.
So when it comes to resistance training, nowadays the HIRTS is one of the best training tools in the market for functional training tools.

HIRTS was developed for pulling with the arms (horizontal rope climbing), pulling with the legs (intense sprints-interval training) and long jumps-power training. HIRTS is also effective with partner pulling exercises.
Different strength and flexibility exercises can be performed with the extra Waist Belt, that is available as an accessory.

With HIRTS you can do your strength and conditioning workout, no matter if you are a world caliber athlete or a fitness enthusiast who is seeking new challenging ways to exercise, to stay healthy and fit.

Quote from the inventor Ivan Ivanov:
One of the most important functions of the HIRTS trainer which I value as a coach is: From one single unit you can set up to 3 workout stations and train up to 3 athletes at the same time by having them all do different exercises.
The HIRTS has become the new “torturing toy” in our Olympic wrestling room. Our guys love it AND hate it! But nobody disputes its importance when we can see the impressive results. Sometimes they like to call it HURTS instead of HIRTS and I don’t blame them. It will hurt if you train hard enough.

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